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Seed and Early stage
Headquarters: St.Petersburg
Sector: Fintech
Established: 2012
Entry: 2012
Web-site: www.ctrl.lc

Ctrl Leasing is a financial services company that is the first to offer an on-line car leasing service in Russia to both individual and business clients.
Headquarters: Russian Federation
Sector: Fintech
Established: 2012
Entry: 2014
Web-site: www.webbankir.ru

WebBankir is a beneficial alternative to the bank loan, based on the same day pay, which is available on-line 24/7.
Headquarters: Russian Federation
Sector: PropTech
Established: 2017
Entry: 2017
Web-site: www.arendatica.ru

Arendatica is a rent management startup that offers rent–related tools and services such as collecting rent and screening tenants online
Headquarters: Russia
Sector: Mobile Commerce
Established: 2010
Entry: 2010
Web-site: www.inplat.ru

One of the leading players in mobile commerce in Russia providing mobile payments processing and services. Has developed a proprietary mobile payments platform providing an interface for merchants and aggregators. InPlat platforms allows for provision of such mobile financial services as micro-lending and money transfers, mobile subscriptions, mobile lotteries, etc.
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Headquarters: Denmark
Sector: Distributed E-Commerce
Established: 2010
Entry: 2012
Web-site: www.atosho.com

Atosho is a platform for distributed e-commerce. Atosho’s innovative technology allows media users to buy directly from any product tag placed on a wide variety of channels thus enabling people to shop wherever they find it most relevant.
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