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from Latin, meaning the "highest"
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Atosho closes €2m funding round led by Supremum Capital


25 October 2012, London, UK

Atosho, a distributed ecommerce solutions provider, secured first tranche of its €2m funding round led by Supremum Capital.

Through its proprietary technology, Atosho offers a market place infrastructure allowing retailers to offer their products via a wide range of channel partner websites directly to the end user.

Such an infrastructure allows a regular online user to purchase a multitude of relevant products from any media channel that feature them without having to be redirected to the “original” retailer or manufacturer’s storefront.

Supremum Capital is excited about the type of seamless shopping experience that Atosho offers and the wide range of media channels through which this disruptive ecommerce infrastructure solution can be deployed.

Denis Shafranik, Managing Partner at Supremum Capital, joins Atosho’s board of directors following the completion of the funding round.

About Atosho

Atosho ( is a platform for distributed e-commerce. Atosho’s innovative technology allows media users buy directly from product tag placed on a wide variety of channels thus enabling people to shop wherever they find it most relevant.

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